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A CKC registered kennel specializing in purebred Yorkshire Terriers since year 2011.


Quotes Hi Irina. I wanted to give you an update about Ferguson. He's in good health and is certainly a wonderful addition to our home. We're enjoying him thoroughly. He's got a great personality, is very affectionate with us, and is playful with our grandchildren. He's quite the little sweetheart! I'm just sending along a couple of photos I took today. I hope you're well. You must be busy with your current litters. We're really happy to have been able to have one of your little guys in our home. We think he's pretty great. Kind regards, Carolyn Quotes
Carolyn and Roger
Ferguson puppy update.

Quotes Good morning Irina and Mike, Toby is such a lovely little dog, full of bounce and and energy. He LOVES to play and can go non stop for hours, he is very much the opposite of Caley, who is a little diva and princess, she LOVES to just lounge around and relax. Toby is really good for her, he gets her moving and engages her in play. Toby also LOVES his walk, he can't wait to get his harness on and get going. House breaking him only took a few days, we know his schedule and were able to get rid of the diapers in a matter of days. He never used the peepee pads, so all is going really well. Paul is absolutely taken with this little guy, he is buddy and they are joint at the hip. XO Vera, Caley and Toby 16/05/2015 Quotes
Toby completed the beginner's course

Quotes I thought you might like to get an update on Toby. We took both dogs to the vet yesterday. Dr Hyland absolutely LOVED Toby, he said that if he had to chose between Caley and Toby, he would pick Toby. He loved his colouring, and his friendly nature, he said that he had such a lovely inquisitive face! Paul was a proud papa and just beaming, telling Dr. Hyland how Toby had chosen him to be his daddy!Toby is settling in quite nicely, yesterday he mastered the stairs, both up and down, he is soo proud of himself! He does not seem to have the need to pee very much, not like Caley, who pees every time I let her out. Toby LOVES his walks, so does Paul. Toby is also getting used to the car, which is a bonus.I will keep you posted on Toby and his interactions with Caley. So far all is going really well!!! Quotes
Vera 01/04/2015 2:13 PM
Feedback on second puppy from you.

Quotes Good morning Irina, Thank you for my beautiful puppy, she is PERFECT!!!! She was a little bit nervous in the car and was shaking quite a bit. She did cry, but only for a minute. When we got home we took her to the backyard, she was not to interested in doing anything, we also showed her the peepad, when we put her down she saw her bed, made a beeline for it and she just LOVES it! She did not eat out of her bowl last night, but I did give her food out of my hand and she ate it. She slept all night, no peep out of her. Paul took her out to the garden and she did her business (number one and number two) and we praised her lavishly for being such a good girl. When we brought her back inside, she started exploring everything.I am very happy and appreciative that you are willing to board my little girl when we travel. I know that she will be well looked after and and will not have to worry about her, your home will be her second home. Vera and Caley Quotes
15/05/2013 8:59 AM

Quotes Hi Irina. I wanted to let you know how we are managing with Georgie. He has settled in really well and had a good night. We?re kennel training him and he slept by our bed in his kennel and was quiet after only a few minutes. He settled quickly after his trips outdoors during the night. He?s eating and drinking well. We had him to the vet and he thinks Georgie is a healthy and very nice puppy. He wasn?t concerned about his ears. The housetraining is going exceptionally well. He goes to the door to let us know when he needs to go out. We couldn't be happier with him. He has a lovely disposition, not too timid and not too aggressive. He?s a little sweetheart. Thanks so much for your advice and for this wonderful little guy. He?s fitting in really well. We're enjoying having him follow around after us. Kind regards, 21/08/2014 6:50 PM Quotes
Carolyn and Roger

Quotes Hello, thought I would give you an update. Penny has been great so far, she learned to pee on pee pads, it's too cold right now to go out with her. When it was warm for few days we took her out for few min. She learned how to sit on command, now I'm trying different commands like give paw. We took her to the vet for check up and we scheduled next booster shot. Overall she's great, loves to play, and is very smart and catches on to everything very quickly. Thank you, Martin & Kathy Quotes
Martin & Kathy the owners of Chloe&Hermes Puppy girl Penny
Wed, Dec 25, 2013 at 2:12 PM

Quotes Dear Irina, I just wanted to send you a note to say how happy we are that we got Dex.He has become such an integral part of our family and lives and he makes us very happy.He is such a loving puppy and everything about him brings us a great deal of joy.He has a wonderful personality and he has reached many milestones.He is no longer afraid of heights and has adjusted well.Thanks again. Quotes
Rene and Tristan and Saleem
18/05/2013 11:10am

Quotes Good afternoon Irina & Mike We absolutely love Bentley and cannot believe we have only had him for 3 months. It feels so much longer He is an amazing little dog who thinks he is a big dog with lots of attitude. Hope you are doing well with all your little babies. I am sending some pictures which you might like to see. Lots of blessings Kety, Ray and Bentley xoxo Quotes
Kety and Ray

Quotes Just wanted to let you know that Cookie is doing great; she will be 'graduating' from her first level of training this weekend and loves going and playing with the other puppies. She has impressed the trainer very much because she always does whatever my little girl asks of her and the trainer is surprised because usually puppies aren't always as eager to please the small children in their family! She loves to snuggle and sleep at night with my daughter and my daughter is thrilled. Cookie loves playing in the backyard, investigating all of my garden and spends alot of her mornings watching the neighbours coming and going from the front living room window. We love her very much; you have indeed produced a wonderful little yorkie. Take care and thanks :) Quotes
Palermo family and Cookie
Tuesday, June 07, 2011 11:47 AM

Quotes Just wanted to let you know that we named the puppy Teddy, cause he looks just like a cute Teddy bear! He is doing great, eating and drinking good , walking on a leash , I think he was scared a little last night when we went to bed cause he was crying a bit till he fell asleep, but he slept well and enjoys playing and having fun! We think he is great and my wife and daughter enjoy him very much. Thanks again Regards Dale Quotes